Apostle City Ministries

Apostle City Ministries is a refuge for Believers in Christ, and a community development organization in our City.

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Apostle City Ministries
Apostle City Ministries

Our vision for this building is to house an Internet Cafe and Coffee Shop, with a commercial kitchen and additional street-side outdoor seating. There is plenty of space for a Community Room with access to the commercial kitchen for accommodating Special Event Rentals. Phase 2 will be Residential Units added to a 2nd floor to help with the much needed additional housing in our City.

And… my personal request is for a professional Shoeshine Stand visibly positioned for the Community to enjoy.

Apostle City Ministries

Be a blessing to believers!

Followers of Christ need fellowship in the very least, as well as  encouragement, nurturing, and mentoring for pursuing personal spiritual development and achieving destiny fulfillment. To find out more sign up on our Contact List below. You can also make a secure tax-deductible donation via PayPal at the bottom of the page.

Be a blessing to all in our City!

Are you passionate about making life better for others? Do you desire to improve difficult situations for people? That’s what Apostle City Ministries is about. Connect with us by using the Contact List form below, someone will get back to you soon. To make a secure tax-deductible donation click on the ‘Donate Now’ link below.

Paradise Fire Victims

Apostle City Ministries

Our  501(c)3 will enable us to provide every donated motorhome or trailer a tax receipt acceptable by the IRS. I will pick up your running motorhome or trailer and deliver it to a vetted Paradise Fire Victim. I’ll send a picture of the new owners signature on the title for DMV purposes. Call to arrange a pickup and make a secure cash donation here in the website through PayPal.

Native Peoples Memorial

Apostle City Ministries

Did you know the original native people known to be living in our City were the Huchien Ohlone? Let’s make a public memorial so they are never forgotten.

Meals On Wheels

Apostle City Ministries

The Contra Costa Meals on Wheels Program has now served over 5 million meals since they began in 1990. They could use our help to feed many more.

Community Gym

Apostle City Ministries

Living in one of the highest childhood obesity regions of the Bay Area inspires us to do all we can to provide opportunities for everyone to get plenty of exercise. Having our first community gym ever will enable children, youth and adults to enjoy healthy cardio of badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc. all year round.

Bill Pay Assistance

Apostle City Ministries

It is our desire to maintain an account solely for providing financial assistance to those in need of paying basic life sustainability expenses for their families.

Veteran Assistance

Apostle City Ministries

There are a few examples across the Country of successfully bringing Veterans stuck in a homeless cycle into tiny-home ownership, restoring their dignity and pride in their home. It is our desire to provide similar opportunities in our City for our Veterans. Would you partner with us in this endeavor?


Thank you! Your contributions will enable us to improve the quality of life for others. All donations are tax deductible and will help fund our mission.

Thanks again.



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